We have composed new wording for our Warranty as follows (perhaps you would like to use this working also):

This warranty covers material defects and/or faulty manufacturing given that the handtools are used in a normal and proper way.

This warranty shall be invalid if the handtools are damaged as a result of normal wear, improper use, neglect, accident and alteration.

This warranty shall be no other proof of purchase necessary , who will then decide if the guarantee is applicable and contact us for exchange or replacement.

Defective handtools covered by this warranty shall be either repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion.

Products not covered by warranty are:

1. Reducing adaptors.
2.  Swivel sockets and universal joints.
3. Screwdriver tips and bits.

All our handtool products covered or not covered by this warranty are designed and manufactured to the highest quality for professional use.
All Reducing Adapters, Swivel Sockets, Universal Joints, Screwdriver Bits and hexagon Bits that are under 6mm (1/4)" are not by warranty.